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It's easy to get started. Go sign-up with the referral code FREEDOM and you have access to a 14-day trial period of our workout program. If you like it you can join the #BRONSONARMY tribe and get a new workout updated every 4 weeks. Never again a boring or ineffective workout plan. 


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What do I get with The Bronson Project you ask?

When you join Bronson you get a complete workout program for you to burn fat, build muscle and have fun doing it. Our coaches created this structure with years of experience for you to follow. The program runs in cycles of 4 weeks and after a period of 4 weeks is done you will get a new updated version to keep your body guessing and you motivated. Each week better and with new ideas. With the subscription service, you don't need to think of anything but getting your workout done.



Simple, effective and fun for burning fat, building muscle and strength. 



We offer:

  • Effective training, 4 sessions per week.
  • Different focus areas every 30 days (muscle, fat burn, and strength)
  • Over 200 videos! Never again any worries on how to do an exercise. 
  • Our coaches own keys to get stronger and get results faster.
  • Easy access to the program through app or web
  • Personal meal plans (English and Swedish)




The Bronson Project is most famous for our effective online workout program. People all around the world have discovered and completed several of our programs. We like to combine challenging workouts with fun and new ideas to keep it interesting. 


Our workout plans and nutrition program focuses on making you stronger, healthier and more functional, as well as leaner and more muscle-toned. We believe in making fitness fun and effective, a program that's boring and leaves you without results is a program that lasts for about 5 minutes.


That's not us…



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