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What do I get with The Bronson Project?

When you join Bronson you get a complete workout program for you to burn fat, build muscle and have fun doing it. Our coaches create this structure with years of experience for you to follow. The program runs for 12 intense weeks with 4 sessions every week. Each week better and with new ideas.


To create the best possible results we split the program into three phases. Each phase lasts for 4 weeks and focuses on building lean muscle mass, adding strength or losing body fat.


During the program, you will learn how to work harder and smarter. Try a lot of new exercises and have fun. Most of your training will be at the gym using free weights and a few machines. 


We have had some amazing results with our members and we are proud to say that a lot of them come back for yet another challenge. Since we always update the program every quarter, there's always a brand new 12-week challenge to sign up to.


We offer:

  • 48 sessions in 84 days 
  • Over 200 videos! Never again any worries on how to do an exercise. 
  • Our coaches own keys to get stronger and get results faster.
  • Easy access to the program through app or web
  • Personal meal plans




The Bronson Project is most famous for our effective online workout program. People all around the world have discovered and completed several of our programs. We like to combine challenging workouts with fun and new ideas to keep it interesting. 


Our workout plans and nutrition program focuses on making you stronger, healthier and more functional, as well as leaner and more muscle-toned. We believe in making fitness fun and effective, a program that's boring and leaves you without results is a program that lasts for about 5 minutes.


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